WHAT IS Atari8.COM? is a group of Atari 8-bit computer enthusiasts from the 'old daze' that refuse to give up their love of these wonderful machines. We figured that since some of the fan sites for Atari 8-bit systems are starting to disappear, we would start our own, and keep it around FOREVER! (Ahem, well... as long as humanly possible.) We aim to have a one-stop-shopping approach to information and discussions about the Atari 8-bit computers in a friendly and professional manner. Yes, thats a tall order, but with your help, we can achieve this goal! Come and Join us! Share your love of the 8-bit!

Site upgrade

Hello all! Happy 2016!

As you probably noted, I have upgraded the site. I am in the process of patching things, and bringing over older content.  Please note: you will need to sign up for a new account. Sorry about that, but the upgrade process was too cumbersome and broke a LOT of things. It was easier to start from scratch there.

Happy Atari'ing!

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